November 2014

Super free November… Get The Blank Album….. For free….. Today! The album that includes such classics as ‘The Gnome’, 'Pregnant for Breakfast’ and ‘Jihad Balloo’. Originally release in 2006, this album was only available for the select few who went and bought it. Now it can be your’s for nothing! Please enjoy.

Andrew has started drinking again!

October 2014

New Single "The Internet" just released.

Superthriller are hard at work in their Wood Green studio complex recording their fifth album "When The Music’s Over". The songs are all written and partly recorded.

Next Single “Selfie” hopefully to follow before Christmas.

Another mini album “Shitty Ditties” is all finished and to be released at some point soon.

Ben has just gone to mentor some lairy students about sampling

There are some Vinyl copies of Moods available and cd copies of Moods and Superthriller 1. If anybody is interested drop us a line..very special friend friend price.

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